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God, it Makes No Sense

The first question is not I have a problem. The first question should be is God with me? When God is with you a solution is with you, for with God all things are possible. There are levels of spiritual power. There are degrees to which God blesses. Did not Jesus say from time to time be it unto thee according to thy faith? Which means if you bring to Jesus Christ a thimble full of faith Jesus pours out the faith and pours in blessings. Does He fill the thimble up? Yes, He pours blessings to the brim of that thimble and gives it to you, that’s what you brought. Now here comes someone else and brings a bathtub, what does Jesus do? He fills it to the brim. Is Jesus fair? Yes. How much you get is not dependent on Jesus but on your faith. Stop bringing Jesus thimbles, bring him a bathtub of obedience and go back with blessings

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