A Labor of Love

The first concern of human beings is always how will I eat or how will I survive?Though a legitimate concern, it has affected the way be answer the call for the service of God.And so, when the devil sought God’s permission to tempt Job, he went out he took away everything Job had and he came back, and God said he hold this fascist integrity although that moves me against him to destroy him without a cause and the devil said unto the Lord skin for skin all that a man hath will he give for his life. In serving God, our lives must not be our first concern. Jesus Christ came to die for us. When He sent out the disciples on one of the missions, He asked them in Luke 22 verse 35 35And He said unto them, When I sent you without purse, and scrip, which is the container for food, and shoes, lack ye anything? Did you lack? The verse ends this way, and they said nothing

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A Labor of Love

There is nothing save the selfish heart of man that lives unto itself. No bird that cleaves the air, no animal that moves upon the ground, but ministers to some other life. There is no leaf of the forest or lowly blade of grass but has its ministry. Every tree and shrub and leaf pours forth that element of life without which neither man nor animal could live, and man an animal in turn minister to the life of tree and shrub and leaf. The flowers breathe fragrance and unfold the beauty and blessing to the world. The Sun sheds its light to gladden a thousand worlds. The ocean itself the source of all our springs and fountains receives the streams from every land, but takes to give. The mists ascending from its bosom fallen showers to water the earth that it may bring forth and bud (The desire of Ages page 20 paragraph 2)

God is good, all the time and all the time, God is good. The message of that quotation is simple and at the same time profound, and it is also otherworldly. In God’s system, everything that exists, exists to serve something else. Nothing was made for its own sake. The system of the world is precisely the opposite, I exist for me. God’s system is, I exist for you and you exist for me. As I contemplate the reason for my presence in this place and I feel highly honored to be here to be a part of this first graduation of Pure Light. Pure Light is an institution, and God knows I speak the truth, for which I pray constantly. I met some of the original founders, I visited the place a couple years ago, and I have this interest in the welfare and the success of Pure Light and so I pray and I ask God all the time to bless Pure Light. So, I am singularly honored to be a part of the first graduation.

I have entitled my remarks a labor of love. I realize some of your recording, just make sure your phones do not ring, you don’t need sound to record. Favor number two while I’m speaking ask God to put his words in my mouth. My words have no power, God’s words can change your lives. Jeremiah chapter 1 verse 9 then the Lord put forth His hand and touched my mouth and the Lord said unto me behold I have put My words in thy mouth. And I also want you very earnestly to think as you listen. Isaiah 1:18 come now let us reason together saith the Lord.

Opening prayer-
Dear God, we thank you for this blessed occasion in which you had a leading hand. We thank you dear God for life, we thank you for Christ. We thank you for knowledge of your salvation. As I speak to those whom you love, put your words in my mouth dear God. Put the Spirit of Christ which is the spirit of humility in my heart. Let me say only what you would have me to say. Bless everyone under the sound of my voice and all members of their families I pray. Place your hand of mercy and provision on Pure Light and let this institution be the reason why multiple thousands are ready to meet Christ when he comes, I pray in Jesus name. Let God’s people say Amen and amen.

Genesis chapter 2 verse 15, the Bible says and the Lord God took the man and put him into the Garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. Ellen White rights in Patriarchs and Prophets, page 50 paragraph 1 God appointed labor as a blessing to man. To occupy his mind, to strengthen his body, and to develop his faculties. To be a safeguard against temptation and a source of happiness. Let me go down the list:

  1. To occupy his mind – laziness is not a part of God’s system,
  2. To strengthen his body,
  3. To develop his faculties,
  4. As a safeguard against temptation, and
  5. As a source of happiness
There’s one that’s not included and let me tell you what that is, in God’s original plan the purpose of work was not to earn money. Let me allow that to sink in into minds that are custom to earning money and expecting money and there’s nothing unbiblical about that. First Timothy chapter 5 verse 17 and 18 17let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honor, especially they who labor in word and doctrine. 18For the scripture saith thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn and the laborer is worthy of his reward. But this system entered after sin, and as a child of God our highest aim must always be God’s system before sin. And so, I say again the original purpose of work is not to earn money, it was to glorify God. The Bible says whether therefore ye eat or drink or whatsoever ye do and the expression whatsoever does not tolerate exceptions. Whether therefore, I was talking to a group sometime a couple of weeks ago, and I was commenting on first Corinthians 10:31 whether therefore ye eat or drink or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God. And since I was in the United States, I said to the guys who were present, there is a spiritual way to play a game of basketball. And in South Africa there’s a spiritual way to play a game of rugby or a game of soccer. Now you say to yourself this man is not well, no I’m quite well. There is a spiritual way to do what we call secular activities. And so, the Bible says whether therefore ye eat or drink or work, do all to the glory of God. There is no exception to that spiritual standard. The original purpose of work in addition to the list I gave you was:
  1. To glorify God
  2. To develop man into God’s ideal for Him. Even in his sinless condition Adam needed to develop.
In the new world, we will have to develop the Bible says they shall go forth and grow up as calves of the stall Malachi chapter 4 verse 2. Development does not cease at the coming of Christ, it continues because we’re told by God’s servant, higher than the highest human thought can reach is God’s ideal for His children. Godliness, when does that process end? It never ends. God likeness, part of that process of development is work. According to the quotation I gave you (Desire of Ages page 20 paragraph 2), you exist to serve someone else. Let me say it again, we exist to serve someone else. This was the attitude that Christ brought, Matthew 20 verse 28 even of the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, finish the verse, but to minister. In other words, Christ did not come for Himself. In His high priestly prayer, He said, I have glorified thee on the earth, I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do. In John 8 verse 29 Jesus said, He that have sent Me is with Me the Father hath not left Me alone for I do always, without exception, always, the things that please Him, or those things that please God. And so, I must keep repeating you and I are on this earth for the benefit of others. That Amen is too weak, you and I are on this earth for the benefit of others.

Let us quickly look at the 10 commandments, and I’m keeping aware of the time. The first four commandments outline our duty to God. The next six our duty to our fellow man. Which one outlines our duty to ourselves? None. There is nowhere in the Bible we are called to love ourselves, we’re called to love God and our neighbor. Now you may say well shouldn’t I go to school and get a PhD or go to Pure Light and get a masters? Yes go, but you get it in order to be more qualified to serve. Service is the spirit of heaven, sacrificial service.

A young man spoke to me a few years ago, and he said I’d like to do what you do, travel the world, self-supporting evangelist. Then he said to me, how will I eat? That was Esau’s problem. How will I eat, and he solved that problem by giving up eternal life or giving up their birthright, giving up the spiritual benefits. The first concern of human beings is always how will I eat or how will I survive? And so, when the devil sought God’s permission to tempt Job, he went out he took away everything Job had and he came back, and God said he hold this fascist integrity although that moves me against him to destroy him without a cause and the devil said unto the Lord skin for skin all that a man hath will he give for his life. In serving God, our lives must not be our first concern. Since you didn’t hear me let me say it again, in serving God our lives must not be our first concern. The doing of the will of God – when Paul in Acts chapter 20 met with the Ephesian elders on his way to Jerusalem, Paul told them he knew he was going to die. He tells us in second Timothy chapter 4 verse 6 for I’m now ready to be offered and my time the time of my departure is at hand, I am going to die for this (the Word).

Jesus Christ came to die for us. When He sent out the disciples on one of the missions, He asked them in Luke 22 verse 35 35And He said unto them, When I sent you without purse, and scrip, which is the container for food, and shoes, lack ye anything? Did you lack? The verse ends this way, and they said nothing. If God calls you to serve, he is obligated to provide. God is not obligated to you, He’s obligated to His Word. Let me say that again, God is not obligated to us, no human being or angelic being can place God under obligation. That is why the red heifer represents Christ, it never wore a York, it represents the lack or the absence of obligation. God is obligated to no one. He is obligated to His word because if he says it, finish my words, He will do it.

And so, as you consider service as the brother said in the deserts of Namibia or the Kalahari of Botswana or the ice of Sweden or the waters of Papua New Guinea, wherever God sends you, not where you send yourself. Don’t sit and say well, Paris needs missionaries, New York needs missionaries, London needs missionaries, where everything is close at hand. Let God choose the location. Because He will choose a location that has what you need.

My young graduates of Pure Light training program are all those of you listening, when you commit yourselves to serve God, God commits Himself to take care of you. Let me say again when you and I commit ourselves to serve God and that commitment must be total, Jesus said loved the Lord thy God with all thy heart with all thy soul with all thy mind with all thy strength, this must be the commitment because Ellen White tells us, Satan takes control of every mind that is not decidedly under the control of the Spirit of God. Let me say that again, there are some people 95% surrender to God, that doesn’t work. Satan takes control of every mind that is not decidedly under the control of the Spirit of God (Mind, Character and Personality volume 1 page 13 paragraph 3). It’s a frightening statement, and so Jesus says look serve me with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, with all your strength, with all your might, with all your understanding. In that scenario, there is not a square inch of room for Satan, because it has been given to God totally. When you do that, God steps in provides, protects, blesses, sustains and multiplies your influence to degree that you could never ever have imagined.

Pastor Randy’s testimony: When God calls you – you know when God called me 20 years ago, the Spirit said to me leave your job. I came to South Africa and to Uganda to speak I went back to United States with about nine invitations to come back. I was working at a hospital in a medical school as a counselor and I sat at my desk reading an email from a church somewhere in South Africa and requests said we need two Crusades, one in the spring, one in the fall, send us your budget. I wrote back I have no time, I have no leave because I’m working. Instantly the Spirit said to me leave the job, then you’ll have all the time you need, leave the job.

And I said, leave the job I’m making thousands of dollars a year, I’m respected by all the doctors and the students, I leave the job, the job was everything that made me feel special, hmm, leave the job. For a year, the Spirit said without adding or subtracting a word, leave the job. I spoke to a friend of mine a professor of marketing at a University of Michigan, my spiritual brother we’re like this (tight). Whenever I have a spiritual crisis I call him, and I said David, here’s what I’m going through. I sat on his front step a Sunday morning, sun was shining, nice clear spring morning, I believe it was and he listened to me then he walked away for a while and he came back and he said Randy I could not leave my job you have to leave yours. You have to leave and I – leave – the Spirit said, leave the job, leave the job, leave. So, I left.

Let me tell you what happened to me when I made the final decision to leave. I went to the dean (my boss) and I said dean, I’d like a year’s leave. Under that arrangement, you go away for a year from your job, you do whatever you like, you come back to the same job, same benefits, same salary. She said, why? I said I’d like to go away and do missionary work for a year. She said okay, I’ll see if I can get you a leave. Two weeks she called me I cannot give you leave, if you leave, the job is gone. I said to her, dean I have to go. She said you’re leaving this secure position? I said, yes, if I don’t go, I will never be able to live with myself, and so I left. July of 2000, until now, I answer the question of Christ, just as the disciples answered Him in Luke 22 verse 35, when I sent you without purse or scrip or shoes, Lack ye anything? And my answer to God right now is, no. God has taken me all over the world to places I studied in geography class as a little boy that I never thought I would see, and every time I land in a new country I remember when God said, leave the job. End of testimony.

What I’m saying to the graduates, do not concern yourself with how will I eat, concern yourself with I desire to do the will of God. Jesus said, therefore I say to you take no thought for your life what you shall eat or what ye shall drink nor yet for your body what ye shall put on it’s not the life more than meat and the body than raiment, behold the fowls of the air they saw not neither do they reap nor gather into barns yet your Heavenly Father feedeth them if your Father, He didn’t say if their Father feeds them, He said your Father feeds them, now if your Father feeds them surely your Father should see you. You and I are on this earth, I close the book as a visual symbol of my impending conclusion, you are on this earth to serve others to be a blessing to others. There are people who will never come to God through a sermon but they’ll come when you apply cabbage to their pains and aches or charcoal or hydrotherapy or a massage when that lifeless limb starts to move when the pressure drops, when the pain vanishes mysteriously, mysterious for them but you will know exactly why, when that happens that person is listen is willing to listen to whatever you have to say about the God who told you how to remove their pain.

And so, I say to you go forth go forward, under God’s direction. Let me close by saying this, the Bible says in Hebrews 11 verse 29 by faith they passed through the Red Sea as by dry land the verse ends this way which the Egyptians assaying to do were drowned. Faith is not presumption. God called the Israelites through the Red Sea, He did not call the Egyptians. The Israelites came through, they were unscathed, the Egyptians came in and they drowned every single one. When God calls, you go, when he doesn’t call you don’t move. But in order to know that God is calling you, you must be in contact with God every waking moment. Psalm 32 verse 8, I will instruct thee and keep thee in the way which thou shalt go I will guide you with mine eye. Psalm 25 verse 4, show me thy ways o Lord teach me thy paths lead me and thy truth. Ask God to do that, along with constant surrender and God will direct your path.

One other thing, there are things God already wants us to do, we already know, that we do not do. And that blocks further transmissions from God. People come to me, I want you to pray that God will heal this and heal that. I said do you return the tithe? No, do that. Do you go to church? No, do that. Do you study the Bible? No. Do what you know you ought to do and then God is more willing to step in and do for you what you cannot do for yourselves. What am I saying? Make sure there is no revealed duty that you are ignoring. Because if you are, it will block further transmission from God. Your God says he that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much.

And so, may the Lord bless your lives, I mean it from my heart. Do not ask how will I eat, ask how can I be faithful? All you need to know is God said leave the job. Once you identify the voice of God, act. Do not wait until every step is clear, God guides us one step at a time. You see this step and there’s darkness for where the next step is supposed to be. God could have created the world in 1 minute, He did it in six days, one day at a time. God sent manna one day at a time and God expects you to trust him one step at a time, not one mile at a time, one step.

And so, recommit your life to God without reservation. Identify His Voice by exposing yourself to His Word, this is His voice (the Bible). Each Christian need to identify God’s voice for himself or herself. Your wife cannot tell you what God’s voice is, your husband can’t tell you. Yes, God speaks to us through others, but you must arrive at the point where you know that this is God’s voice because when God said leave the job, friends and family tried to dissuade me, but I knew it was God’s voice.

And I closed now by saying, may the Lord bless you take you by the hand, according to Hebrews 8 verse 9, take you by the hand and guide you through service so that when He comes, people will walk up to you in the Kingdom and say, it was because of your medical missionary service that I am in God’s Kingdom, can you say Amen, amen.

Closing prayer-
Father in Heaven, we thank you for the honor of being called by You to work with You. Father angels would love to do what You have given us to do, but that distinguished honor is reserved for us. I ask in the name of Jesus Christ, who Himself according to Ellen White was the highest of all medical missionaries, bless your daughter and your three sons and inspire those who are thinking of following a similar path. Use their lives dear God, to be a blessing to those for whom Jesus Christ shed His blood and for those who have come to be part of this audience, dear God let them go forth from this place having rededicated their lives to God and to so live with the consciousness that they are on this earth, in their neighborhoods, in the workplace, in the classroom, to be a blessing and of service to others. Hear this humble prayer Father, save us when you come I pray, in Jesus name, let God’s people say amen and amen.

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