Determining a path to follow

In Matthew chapter 1 reading from verse 21. Matthew 1 reading from verse 21. This is the angel speaking to Joseph in a dream. Joseph was contemplating putting Mary away because Mary was pregnant and Joseph had nothing to do with it and he as a human being, being a decent man he wanted to send her to the country. The angel of Lord appeared to him in a dream and in verse 21 the angel tells him

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Determining a path to follow

I hope you’ve been blessed so far today by our fellowship with God. It is almost 20 to 8. I know you have had a long day and I want to release you as quickly as I possibly can, without rushing the Holy Spirit. So, I will get right into the message. First of all, remember the three favors I usually ask.

  1. Favor number one, please perhaps some of you have proactively and without being prodded you’ve already turned off your cell phones. For those of you who still a little behind please help us by turning off your cell phones and you’ll observe I asked you to turn them off not down but off
  2. Favor number two while I’m speaking I’d like you to pray for me and say Lord put your words in that man’s mouth. Who has offered that prayer for me? All right the rest of you who are stubborn please pray for me that God would put his words in my mouth please. I make that request very seriously.
    When Peter stood up on the day of Pentecost to preach I believe as Acts chapter 2 verse 14 the Bible says and Peter standing with the eleven. Now only one man spoke that was Peter but somehow the other eleven were involved in that presentation and there is evidence of that in verse 37 where the Bible says now when they heard this they were pricked in their hearts and said unto Peter and to the rest of the Apostles, what shall we do.

    And so, whenever I stand to speak, I always want to stand with the eleven. Have I made myself clear? So, just ask God, put your words in that man’s mouth. What it does, it protects your mind, because if God puts his words in my mouth then what I’ll speak his truth and your mind is protected. Or if you don’t pray and I deliver some well worded rubbish, then your mind is affected. It’s important to pray. You know Ellen White suggests that when Paul was in prison, if the church had prayed for Paul as they prayed for Peter, God would have brought Paul out, but they didn’t pray and God left him in prison. God didn’t leave him, He left him in prison. Two different things do you follow what I’m saying? All right.
  3. And favor number three. I’d like you very much to think of what you’re listening to. If more people would think, they would not attend the church as they attend. They wouldn’t marry the people they marry. They wouldn’t do many things they do. If we would stop and think and ask the question, what am I doing? what am I doing? What am I listening to?
Before I pray let me ask you a question and I know I’ve been bothering you but that’s what I do. When it is announced that there’s a five-minute break and you choose to sit; Has it ever occurred to you just to sit quietly and read your Bible? or just pray to God? Has that ever struck you as a possibility for the employment of your time?

I say that because my observation so far, this week, the instant the announcement is made we have a five-minute break, there is a babel of noise and I’m willing to guarantee or bet, and I don’t bet, that it has nothing to do with the sermon you might have just heard or spiritual things. If you love God as much as you love that next person to you, you would choose to talk to God rather than to the person next to you.

Yes, what I’m saying is hard, you’re probably wishing that I would leave tonight but I’m not leaving tonight, I am living on Monday. But I want you to develop the habit of being comfortable in fellowship with God. Your first instinct shouldn’t be to talk to the person next to you but to talk to God. Open your Bible, read it. I was coming down some of you were coming from somewhere loud talking. Perhaps I have misjudged your average age I don’t know I may have but I’m really quite serious because I speak as your brother. But all right I’ve said enough. Let’s pray.

Opening prayer –
Father in heaven, gathered in your presence are your people for whom your son shed His blood and if I’ve said anything too harsh or too hard forgive me but Father you know the burden I have for reverence and I pray in the name of Jesus Christ that your spirit would work on all of our hearts mine included because we can all grow in grace. And as I speak to your people dear God give me the words I pray and the right spirit with which to speak these words. Give me the right sequence of events of ideas that the message may be coherent understandable simple and powerful. Father please, let your spirit do his work, do his will that lives may be touched more decisions may be made I really offer this prayer from my heart in Jesus name Amen

In Matthew chapter 1 reading from verse 21. Matthew 1 reading from verse 21. This is the angel speaking to Joseph in a dream. Joseph was contemplating putting Mary away because Mary was pregnant and Joseph had nothing to do with it and he as a human being, being a decent man he wanted to send her to the country. The angel of Lord appeared to him in a dream and in verse 21 the angel tells him: And she shall bring forth a son and thou shalt call his name Jesus for he shall save his people from their sins and all this was done verse 22 that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the Prophet saying behold the Virgin shall be with child and shall bring forth a son and they shall call his name Emmanuel which being interpreted is “God with us”

The verse I want to stress, is verse 22 now all this was done that it might be fulfilled. This is the major theme of the book of Matthew that it might be fulfilled. In other words, Matthew’s burden is to show that Jesus Christ was the one who fully fulfilled all the Old Testament predictions about the Messiah to come. Having said that, with you nodding in agreement, now we can we can move to this consideration. It means that there was a very distinct and precise plan of salvation in place long before you and I were around or Adam and Eve

Now the God of peace that brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus the great Shepherd of the sheep through the blood of the everlasting covenant Hebrews 13 verse 20 The everlasting covenant was an arrangement God and the Son made that if man sinned Christ would come and die. This covenant was made long before the world was created. That’s why it is called the everlasting covenant. In that covenant, there were details:

  1. Who would die – Jesus Christ
  2. He would come in human form – a body has thou prepared me – Hebrews 10:5 – 5 Therefore, when He came into the world, He said: Sacrifice and offering You did not desire, but a body You have prepared for Me.
  3. He would be born of a virgin – Isaiah 7:14 – 14 Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His name Immanuel
  4. He will be born in Bethlehem.
All the details of the plan of salvation were specific, they were put in place before you and I were or before the world was created. Before there was sin. Let me stress it again, God did not wait for sin to occur. He had a strategy of response. We know it as the plan of salvation. What that tells us about God is that He was thinking of us long before we existed. God was thinking of you long before you were born and He was thinking of you every aspect of your life spiritual, mental, physical, social, professional, financial, material. God had you and me in mind and He had details for this plan.

Now, I am stressing this to ask this question. We were made in God’s image, am I, right? Yes. Genesis 1:26 the Bible says let us make man in our image which means that we should function the way God functions. Amen. The image exists to reflect accurately the original and the highest expression of God’s image is the character we develop, the way we think. So, the Bible says let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. If you have the mind of Christ, you do everything like Christ. And anything done like Christ is done like God. So, I repeat since God’s desire was we should be in His image, it means that we should think and plan and arrange the way God does.

A plan of service Now, we have established that God planned set in motion a detailed plan of salvation as an expression of love. Here is a question.

  1. You have life, given to you by God.
  2. You have strength, not everyone who has life has strength, you have strength given by God.
  3. You have prodigious mental capabilities given by God.
  4. You have special talents and gifts given by God

As God had a plan of salvation for you, with all that God, has given you, have you developed a detailed plan of service? My guess would be your answer is no?

I was in Grimm’s Town South Africa. And I was on the campus of Rhodes University for two weeks. Glorious two weeks and I asked the students the, Adventist students:

  1. What are you studying? Accounting. Why? Well I like it and South Africa needs good Accountants. I’d like to open my business and none of that is a sin
  2. I asked someone else what do you study in? Actuarial science. Why? I like figures. I love working alone crunching the numbers. Fine.
  3. What are you studying? Education. Why? I like teaching. I’m a patient person I can tolerate a rambunctious class
  4. What are you studying? Economics. Why? I like it and my country needs good Economists to make some good decisions that our country’s economy may improve.

No one ever said to me, I chose what I chose because I have seen clearly how I can use it to advance the Kingdom of God. Not one. I’ll tell you this, I do this wherever I go. I can’t try it on you now because I’ve given myself away. Wherever I go and I ask these questions only of seventh-day Adventists. No one has ever told me once, I have a plan to serve God with this academic preparation.

Now, you ask the same gathering of people do you love Jesus? Everybody loves Jesus. I have never met a Christian who hates Christ. Do you have a plan of service for His kingdom? No. Are you aware He had a plan of salvation? Yes. Do you feel a sense of gratitude? I’ve never thought about it.

Why am I badgering you like this? Listen to me carefully, a relationship with Christ is not based on what you say. In John chapter 14 verse 15 a verse so popularly known among us when we defend the keeping of the commandments if you love me, the Bible says tell me. It doesn’t say tell me? Well let’s try the South African Version, if you love me the Bible says tell me says Jesus Christ. What does it say? If you love me do something. The expression of love is not the telling of it, it is the doing of something and that’s not legalism that is the expression of a love that flows from the heart. Legalism does not come from the heart.

My young brothers and sisters, the life you live was given to you by God for His purpose not for yours. The Bible says in 1st Corinthians 10:31 whether therefore ye eat or drink or whatsoever ye do, do most to the glory of God all.
Questions for you, don’t answer me. You in a relationship with somebody man or woman, were you thinking of God’s glory when you got into it and that’s probably the honest answer. Wherever you studied in college, when you chose it, were you thinking of God’s glory or were you thinking of an area of study that guarantees you a job?

On the point of a plan of service and doing God’s will, I want to talk to you today about determining the path to follow to serve God.

In Education Page 267, paragraph 1, Ellen White writes these words listen carefully
The specific place appointed us in life is determined by our capabilities.
Not all reach the same development or do with equal efficiency the same work. God does not expect the hyssop to attain the proportions of the cedar, or the olive the height of the stately palm. But each should aim just as high as the union of human with divine power makes it possible for him to reach

Now, implicit in that statement is a sequence of events. What the passage suggests is that we need to identify first what our capabilities are. Now, having identified our capabilities through self-inspection, through talking with our friends, our families, our teachers. When we have identified, and listed our capabilities then we ask prayerfully, what line of service best matches this list of abilities that I’ve identified? The specific place appointed us in life is determined by our capabilities.

  1. Are you aware of the capabilities you have?
  2. Do you know what you can do and cannot do?
To every human being, God has given a set of capabilities to carry out the mission for which God gave that person life. Because every command from God comes with the power to carry out that command. Can you say Amen. God doesn’t make a request without equipping you to carry out that request? The world sometimes sets up people for failure by making demands that the person cannot meet, not God. If God tells you climb Everest, He gives the lung capacity to climb Everest.

She writes Education page 267 the same page different paragraph, paragraph 3
We need to follow more closely God’s plan of life. To do our best in the work that lies nearest, to commit our ways to God, and to watch for the indications of His providence—these are rules that ensure safe guidance in the choice of an occupation

Now she’s telling us how to determine what God would have us to do in this life. We need to do our best in the work that is nearest in other words what are you doing now? Do the best you can, I mean the best.

In Desire of Ages page 72, paragraph 4 Ellen White writes of Jesus He was not willing to be defective even in the handling of tools, He was perfect as a workman as He was perfect in character.

Those of you who missed what I said can I see your hand. You miss what I say be honest, let me see your hand. Alright, I’ll repeat it. Thank you! God, bless you. I wasn’t joking it’s pointless to stand and shout, holla scream and no one understands what you’re saying let me put it this way:
Describe Christ’s character in one word? Perfect. Now listen to the quotation. He was as perfect a workman. What work was He doing? Carpentry. He was as perfect as a carpenter as He was in His character. Now you answer for me, if you lived in the days of Christ and you asked him to make a pulpit when He brought it to you what kind of pulpit would you have? Perfect. Not morally perfect of course, well-made, nicely sandpapered and then polished. No other person on earth would have made a better pulpit.

Question for you don’t answer me. Is that how you teach English? Is that how you do everything? Is that how I do everything? Do we understand the concussive nature of that statement? Christ approached every duty with the same care with which He protected His character. If we work like that, the world would be falling over itself to hire only Seven Day Adventists.

And so, she says

  1. we should do our best in the work nearest, that is nearest, meaning whatever we have. Have you tried to find out what is God’s will and the second principle she says,
  2. we should commit our ways to God in other words commit the life to God constantly What does she mean by the ways? Every aspect of your life? There are some people who say:
    1. Lord I give you my life, don’t tell me who to date.
    2. Lord I give you my life, don’t tell me how to dress.
    3. Lord I give you my life, don’t tell me what friends to have.
    4. Lord I give you my life, don’t tell me how to spend my money
That is not committing your ways to God. When you commit your ways to God, you say Father my social life, my spiritual life, my recreational life, my family life, my professional life, my physical life, I give to you.
  1. So, rule number one: we should do our best in the work that is nearest. Whatever you’re doing now do it well.
  2. Rule number two constantly commit your ways to God.
  3. Rule number three watch for indications of His Providence.
She said these are the rules that ensure safe guidance in the choice of an occupation – Education page 267 paragraph 3 these are the rules that ensure or guarantee safe guidance in the choice of an occupation.

Do the very best in whatever you’re doing. You teach English, you’re an accountant, whatever you are. You’re a janitor, the passage of inspiration says do your absolute best because God may have you in that position to watch you.

  1. Moses graduated top of the class from the University of Egypt the Bible says in Acts 7:22 Moses was mighty it was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians and was mighty in words and deeds. He was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians. God took him away for 40 years to prepare him for his life’s mission.
  2. Who was brighter than the Apostle Paul in the New Testament other than Jesus. When God got hold of Paul He took him into the deserts of Arabia, three years
And Ellen White says of both Paul and Moses God had to unlearn, had to help them unlearn what they had learned and to teach them his way, to prepare them for the work to which God had called them.

So, whatever you’re doing now, God may be watching you, testing you preparing you for the next step and with God the next step is always a higher step not a lower step. It may be a lower social position, but not a lower step. And so, you do your best. So, that at the end of the day when you put your head on your feathered pillow to sleep, you can sleep with a conscience that is untroubled because you know only God could have worked harder than I did and that’s Christian living.

And so, my question for you: do you have a plan of service? and if you don’t develop one. When I say develop one, I mean get a piece of paper and write:

  1. I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in economics:
    Here’s how I can serve God and you think, you pray you think, a, b, c, d.
    Brainstorm as you do on the job. And as you develop your list you look at it prayerfully and ask, Father of these possibilities which one am I best suited for?

God loves to write. He could have spoken the commandments twice and written them once. He spoke them once and wrote them twice. I literally mean it when I say write down the possible ways of service in which you can use your present educational preparation. Whatever it is education, economics, foreign language, whatever it is you write down, strategize, brainstorm come up with ideas: I can go overseas as a missionary some other place where you don’t get paid vacations and serve in the jungle somewhere or I can work for the conference office or I can work at IBM or I can do something but always conscious of the fact that whatever choice you make you see clearly how it advances the kingdom of God.

I can see in your faces; my words are making some of you uncomfortable or if not uncomfortable they are striking you as extreme. No, they’re not extreme at all. When a person is accustomed to a certain way when you present a different way the person views that as strange. If you try to tell a fish, there’s something called dry land, the fish doesn’t it doesn’t make any sense are you with me because all the fish knows is water. You try to tell a land animal that you can live in the water, the land animal doesn’t understand.

And so, when people have been accustomed to mediocrity for a long time, the concept of excellence is strange, it’s extreme, it is fanaticism. But not for God’s people. Let me tell you something, because you are teachers but you are also students. Excellence is a Christian behavior. Unfortunately, some of the worst people you can hire are Adventist because they’re lazy, they’re sloppy, they take liberties because they’re part of the same church and it’s a disgrace.

We need people like Joseph. When Potiphar saw how hard Joseph worked, the Bible says in Genesis chapter 39 verse 3 and his master saw that the Lord was with him and that the Lord made all that he did to prosper in his hand. Everything Joseph touched worked out. Now, God desires to do that with all His people so that we may be known as a people. As a people, distinguished among other things by excellence in work. Excellence in attitude. Think of Daniel. In a court of Darius and the King thought to make him ruler over all the province because an excellent Spirit was in him. As Darius looked at Daniel and a hundred and twenty princes and the three present among the princes of them all the one who struck him most forcibly was Daniel because of his attitude.

Excellence represents God well. Mediocrity is not of God. And so, we read in Ecclesiastes chapter 9 verse 10 whatsoever thy hand findeth to do it, with your might. Let me explain that verse in twentieth-century symbols and I want you to apply it whether you’re a teacher or you’re a student. Some of you are teaching and perhaps you might go back to school. Because many people never reach great heights because they never try. They just don’t have the spirit to make that concentrated perspiring effort. Here is what with all your mind means in Ecclesiastes chapter 9 verse 10:

In the room where I’m staying there’s a washer and I believe a dryer. I hadn’t looked at it closely. The way the process goes, you put the clothes in the washer. Am I, right? And it goes through something and at the end the last act, I think, is a spin cycle where it’s spin for about five minutes and then you take it out to put it in the dryer. Here’s my question, when you take that garment out of the washer: is water dripping out of it? No. Why? It went through spin cycle. Then why do you put it in the dryer? You said there’s no water dripping out of it. Why do you put it in the dryer? Because there’s still water in it but it’s not dripping. Now, you take someone with strong enough forearms, to wring that garment what would happen? Water would drip. I want you to imagine your brain as that damp garment. Here’s what many of us don’t do, we never do what? wring our brain. And so, that that degree of genius that is still there never comes out.

And so, all young people decide,
I cannot do calculus have you wrung your brain? No.
I cannot do medicine, have you wrung your brain? No.
I cannot do history how do you know? have you given it a concentrated effort? No.
Can you memorize a chapter of the Bible? No. How do you know? I just can’t do it.

My brothers and sisters, God requires us to tax the brain. How much of the brain is used in a lifetime? 15- 20 percent, that much? less than that? Isn’t that a shame?

There’s a young lady in Kenya. I suggested to her she begins memorizing Bible passages. No, no, she said no, I can’t do it. So how do you know that? I can’t do it. Don’t ask me to do that, I cannot do it. So, what’s your telephone number? She gave it to me. Where do you live? how many miles? about 15 miles. Do you know every left turn and right turn to get home? Yes. How do you know it? I learned it. Why? It’s important to me. I need to get home. What’s your boyfriend’s number? You see what I’m getting at? For her, Bible memorization was not a priority at all as it isn’t from most Christians even though the Bible says thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against it. So, I exerted my Ecclesiastical authority and I said I want you to try. She trusted me, she said okay.

I gave her third John, just 14 verses and she would text me back and forth, email me with her progress. When she got to verse 5 of 3rd John, she was so excited she emailed me she said I cannot believe I have gotten to verse 5. Then she finished a whole chapter. I called her on the phone long distance to Kenya to have recite it and she recited it without missing a word. She said pastor, give me another chapter. I gave her Revelation chapter 15 just eight verses. She finished it. Pastor give me another chapter. I gave her Isaiah 58 then I give her 1 Corinthians 13. Then I gave her John 14. John 14 has about 31 verses now she’s on Psalm 32 and she just won’t stop.

Now her work requires that she traveled all over Kenya. She drives one town to the next, one town to the next all the time. I said look you are in a prime position to recite the word over and over when you drive. You simply can’t sit. I said her you just can’t sit in a car and just do that for eight hours and do nothing else. Are you following me? How long is the ride back to Seoul on Monday? What will you do for one hour? Did I say something wrong? Are we in Seoul? How long is the ride to Seoul? How many hours? One hour, three hours. Let’s get an average two hours, okay. You simply can’t sit in a car doing that for two hours. It is disgraceful to the fact that you have a mind you! You recite some Bible passages, you pray, you think of something Ellen White said, you occupy your mind, make it a habit. The same way you reflexively, instinctively, automatically launch into chat when, you have five-minutes break. You now to change your instincts to launch into prayer, launch into recitation, launch into meditation.

Mind, Character and Personality volume II page 601, paragraph 4 Ellen White writes these Words: The power of self-restraint strengthens by exercise. That which at first seems difficult, by constant repetition grows easy, and right thoughts and actions become habitual.

What was the passage I gave you, you tell me? Ah. You tell me, you yes, the quotation I just Gave, don’t cheat tell me. Who can remember mind character and personality volume 2 page 601 paragraph 4. The power of self-restraint strengthens by exercise that which at first seems difficult. What seems difficult in your life that you hesitate to do? Whatever it is, listen to inspired wisdom, that which at first seems difficult by constant repetition grows easy. Now that’s a law! And the remarkable thing is the way that quotation ends: and right thoughts and actions become habitual. In other words, as habitual as sinful thoughts and actions are, by a concentrated effort empowered by the Spirit of God, you and I can by habit, have thoughts and right actions but we must be willing constant repetition.

You talk to any professional sportsmen or woman. They repeat an action until the muscle hasn’t memorized that action and they do it without thinking because they know if they think it slows down by a microsecond.

God has given us principles for success and excellence so that we may more fully and properly reflect His Glory and His character. There’s more to religion than singing hymns and you know eating, drinking soy milk and whatever else characterizes the Adventists’ lifestyle. There’s more to life than that. There’s more to a Christian walk than that. Because we’re in churches two hours out of 168. We spend more time on the job that in church. Then how do we reflect? how do we conduct? what’s the image we leave? what’s the impression we exert? All of these is connected with God’s Glory on all of that somehow should factor into our plan of service to God. Father with the strength, the talents, the abilities, the health you’ve given to me, I want my life to be a constant expression of gratitude and service that those in my sphere of influence may somehow see you in me

And so, God had a plan of salvation and that plan is still being carried out because that plan includes life in the new world. What’s your plan of service? if you don’t have one, please develop one as an act of gratitude to God for what He’s done for you. Develop a plan of service. If your work as a teacher has not been excellent apologize to God repent of your video critique your slackness and put your foot on the pathway to the quality of work the kind of teaching that puts a smile on the face of God. Remember the example of your Savior. He was as perfect a workman as he was in character. Everything you do, do for God’s glory. If it’s not for God’s glory don’t do it what did I just say if it’s not for God’s glory do not do it. Learn to see the world through God’s eyes. Let me explain what I mean.

There is a passage in the Bible that I usually use when I conduct funeral services. Here’s what it says: precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His Saints. Where’s that found? Revelation? Well you’re close, you’re in the Bible. Psalm 116 verse 15. Listen to the verse again precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. Now, I lost a brother in January of 2010. My younger brother. His death was not precious in my sight. Follow me closely. I am try to explain what I mean by see the world through God’s eyes, because when you see the world through God’s eyes your degree of frustration and irritation and ulcers it all drop. You’re much more peaceful. In my eyes, it was not precious I lost my only brother. When it happened, I was in Indonesia peaceful, I never left Indonesia because I had to keep preaching there’s nothing I could do to resurrect my brother so I stayed and finished the preaching and I wasn’t there for the funeral services but I cried. His death was not precious to me but I had to stop and think, how does God see his death? Here’s how God sees it.

He can no longer be tempted. He died of cancer, the pain is gone. He cannot leave me. Now, my brother was a Christian and all the people who were around him told me he died strong in faith. Now that’s how God sees it. He is safe now. Do you know the Bible pronounces a blessing on death? – Revelation 14 verse 13 and I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me write blessed are the Dead which die in the Lord from henceforth he saith the spirit that they may rest from their labors and their works do follow them. There’s a blessing to dying in Christ! But how many people want that blessing? And so, through God’s eyes, I began to see my brother’s death differently. And so, I responded differently.

The Bible says when Samuel was sent to ordain/anoint a replacement for Saul he went to the village of Bethlehem to the house of Jesse who was the father of David. Jesse, I believe had eight boys and David was in the field taking care of sheep. So, Jesse brought the seven brothers. The first one was Eliab. The Bible says when Eliab came in Samuel looked at him, he must have been impressive, and he said surely the Lord’s anointed is before him. Now, Samuel was functioning on a principle that still dominates God’s people how a person looks on the outside. And the Lord rebuked him immediately verse 7 the Lord said unto him Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart.

Now what you and I have to do is not change God’s way of thinking to fit ours, which many of us try to do. We go to the world we expose ourselves to the world and to the philosophies of the world then we come to the Bible to find support for those philosophies. Weather it is, well let me not mention a few. We are affected by these secular philosophies then we come to find biblical support for those philosophies. And God says man looketh on the outward appearance but God looketh on the heart Now, what we must do to see the world through God’s eyes is to see the way God sees, to think the way God thinks, to respond the way God responds, to adopt God’s perspective not the world’s perspective.

And so, the world’s perspective is get a certain degree you, get a good job you have a secure living, you can maintain a family. That’s the world’s perspective. God’s perspective is put my kingdom first. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added. God’s perspective is put my kingdom first. And then watch me work in your life. It is not that God does not want to give you the things of your life, of your desire, of your heart. Jesus says what is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world and lose his soul. Now, Christ didn’t say do not gain the world, He did not say that. He was cautioning us about the cost we pay to gain the world. He is saying is don’t gave the world if you have to lose your soul meaning your soul must be guarded more preciously than any attempt you may make to gain the world. Do not lose your soul for any reason says Christ. Any reason and the biggest reason would be to be the owner and a possessor of the whole world. Now if you can gain the world but also preserve your salvation then go ahead. Whatever you try to gain, whatever your ambitions are, surrender them to God. And the man or the woman led by God, will be a blessing in every way to those who come into his or her sphere of influence.

And so, I leave you tonight with these principles from Ella white again we need to follow more closely God’s plan of life

  • to do our best in the work that is nearest. whatever you’re doing now
  • to commit our ways to God every aspect of the life to God’s control
  • to watch for indications of His Providence. These are the rules that ensure safe guidance in the choice of an occupation
  • the specific place appointed us in life is determined by our capabilities. List what your skills are. On the basis of that list, then you determine what area of work best suits that list. As you proceed that way the Spirit of God will direct your mind. You are happiest when you are in a path that God has chosen for you.
If there’s someone who wants to say preacher, I’m trying to determine God’s professional will for my life where should I serve? In what area of professional preparation should I serve? If there’s someone going to that search and you would like to say remember to pray for me as I pursue that search, can I see your right hand you really want okay let’s stand I will pray.

Closing prayer –
Father in heaven, we need help. There is a way that seemeth right to a man, but the end thereof they God are the ways of death, we want the way of life. And so, we ask you take God direct our steps. We don’t want to sit idly and wait for you to speak as loudly as thunder because your spirit works best in a mind that is active because activity is the law of Heaven. And so, father as we begin to think of what our capabilities are. As we begin to think how best we can use them to enter a particular field of professional performance as we think dear God. As basic as our effort maybe we ask you to bless it. Open our eyes dear God that we may see bit by bit the direction in which you will have us move. But Father more than showing us what you’d have us to do, give us a heart, give us a mind that will serve you regardless of the cost, because you saved us regardless of the cost.

And so, Father bless my brothers, bless my sister’s dear Go. Bless them in their teaching. Father bless them in their studies, bless them in their family life, bless their health, bless every aspect of their lives dear God. Give them a heart that is honest with you and use them to be a blessing to others, so that when we all stand on the sea of glass people may come to them and say it was because of you and your influence and your life that I am in the new world. Father in Heaven please hear this humble prayer. Thank you so much for the plan of salvation. Help us a develop a plan of service and may our meager efforts dear God contribute to the hastening of the coming of Christ because if He come one minute earlier that’s one minute less suffering on this earth. Here us, answer us, bless us, sustain us, protect us and save us. I offer this prayer from my heart in Jesus name. And all God’s people say, Amen and amen. God, bless you, god bless you

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